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Welcome to Tsukiyono Vidro Park

Tsukiyono Vidro Park is a glass-themed park, which centers around a glassworks, and features trial workshops, museum, shops, restaurant, and cafe.

Vidro Park Guide

Glassworks Tour

Glassworks Tour

You can watch from close by as glassware is individually created by hand.

In addition to watching, you'll also get to experience the heat from the kilns which melt the glass.

Video of working with glass

Trial Workshop

You can try making glassware yourself.

■ Glassblowing

The melted glass is wrapped around a blowpipe, and then shaped while you blow through the pipe.

The created glassware may be collected from the workshop from the following day, or delivered anywhere within Japan.

Please contact us for details.

Reservation required

Required time At least 15 minutes
Finished works Ready for collection from the workshop from the following day. Alternatively, can be delivered nationwide.
Cost From 3,850 yen
Video of working with glass
■ Sand Blasted
Sand Blasted

A smoked glass effect is created on the surface of the glass by blasting it with fine grain sand at high pressure.

Using cut-sheets of plants, animals, and letters, etc., to cover (mask) the glass surface, you can have fun creating a contrast between the clear glass and smoked glass.

Required time At least 30 minutes
Finished works Can take home on the same day.
Cost From 1,430 yen
Video of Sand Blasted trial



It is said that glass originates from around the 25th century BC.

From core glass (the oldest type of glass) to modern glassworks, the history of glass spanning around 5,000 years can be seen in the museum.

■ Main Works on Display

Core glass, Roman glass, Venetian glass, art nouveau, art deco, and works from modern Japanese glassmiths.

Additionally, materials which establish 100 years of our company's history are also displayed.

Restaurant & Café

A restaurant where you can enjoy Czech style local beers.

A range of snacks centering around Japanese foods such as soba, udon, and rice bowls, have also been prepared to compliment the beers.


We sell tableware, interior goods, gifts, and our own glass products manufactured in the glassworks.

Our glassware on which an evening scene appears when filled with beer is especially popular.

We also have an abundant range of souvenirs, including Czech style local beers and sweets.

■ Recommended Products

Opening Hours

Glassworks tour 8:05 to 16:50
Shop and museum 9:00 to 17:00
Trial workshop 9:00 to 17:00 (entry open until 16:00)
Glassblowing trial 9:00 to 17:00 (entry open until 16:00, reservation required)